WE are the home owners and renters in Austin.  "THEY " are the downtown and out-of-town developers, their donation bundlers, their paid-for (via LOANS) candidates, and their PACs. 

We have to take Austin back for the home team, fix our freeways and inspire smart growth.

My name is Randall Stephens, and I'm committed to making your voice heard at City Hall.  Like you, I want to play an active role in making our community more mobile, a safer, better place to work, raise children, run a business, and build on a solid foundation. 

I pledge not to accept and will return donations from outside the Austin voter constituency, and not a dime from special interest groups, PACs, or anyone outside Austin city limits.  I'd rather you gave to a local charity than politics, and plan to spend less than $1000.00 on my interactive campaign for Mayor.

If you share my vision, I urge you to share this page and to help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our community, and our world.   Please visit and share my personal blog, as many issues are covered on

Austin mayoral candidate, Randall F. Stephens

Vote, Randall Stephens for Mayor of Austin


"Campaign finance reform starts here"!

Working for you, not them.